Oil Field Services


Oil and Gas wells produce fluid over the life of a well. When a well is first drilled, usually it is “fracked” to help open production zones. After a frac, the fluids are recovered by swabbing to “kick” the well off. As fluids are lifted, the bottom hole pressure pushes the gas and/or oil up and out the well.
Throughout the life of a well, fluids flow back with natural gas or oil. Sometimes as a well ages, the bottom hole pressures fall off. There might not be enough pressure to push all the water or fluids out of a well. If water gets above the oil or gas, then production falls off. The well must be swabbed out to maintain production.

Swabbing is the act of pulling well fluid off the production zone to increase the well pressures so that the well can free flow oil or gas.

Baranko Services swab rig operators are experienced individuals with over 30 years in the swabbing industry. 

Other services a swab rig can accomplish with specialized tools are

  • clearing the tubing of debris 
  • finding tubing issues.


Safety is ALWAYS our number one goal.